Speaker of Truths appears at Liparer II | EVE Online

Speaker of Truths appears at Liparer II

2007-03-23 - 发布者 Svarthol

Seconds before the largest settlements on Lipairer II was to be incinerated by the lasers of the Kor-Azor fleet, a Speaker of Truths appeared and demanded they hold their fire.

Last week had seen the escalation of events on Liparer II with the Holders rising in near-rebellion against the rule of House Kor-Azor. The House's representative promptly gave a deadline for submission, adding that it would otherwise send a fleet to “completely obliterate all resistance”. As the Holders did not stand down, a fleet was dispatched to destroy the estates. It was then that a Speaker of Truths intervened.

The Speaker of Truths, known as Brother Joshua, asked that the Admiral in charge returned to Kor Azor so that the Speaker could arbitrate between the two parties involved in the Liparer crisis. Furthermore, Brother Joshua announced that he would be traveling through the Kor-Azor region to investigate the situation, speaking to Holder and commoner alike. It is very rare for a Speaker of Truths to appear in such a fashion, and this is the first such occurrence for nearly a century, has been the subject of great surprise and speculation.

When asked about the situation, the Theology Council responded, “When approached by the Speakers of Truth for permission to investigate the allegations stemming from the Kor-Azor region, we duly gave it. We wish Brother Joshua Godspeed on his mission.”

As a reporter inquired after the recent allegations of attacks upon the Theology Council, and any links these attacks might have to Kor-Azor, the Theology council refused to comment, stating only that “our investigations are continuing.”

The consensus on GalNet is that the arrival of the Speaker of Truths is a ´welcome development´ and that overall the people are hopeful the situation will be solved without bloodshed.