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SuVee Land Zoning Causes Food Production Crash

2008-10-25 - 发布者 Svarthol

Saisio – According to reports released to the public yesterday, Sukuuvestaa CEO Kuikiainen Onita has ordered the re-zoning of vast tracts of agricultural land for the purposes of mineral extraction and exploration. This has led to a significant fall in the production of food within the SuVee land portfolio.

CBT investigators have uncovered an accord between Nugoeihuvi (NOH) and SuVee agreeing that NOH would source and supply food to make up for the agricultural shortfall caused by the re-zoning strategy. In return, NOH would be given options on the commodity stockpiles being assembled by SuVee.

The agreement was passed in a closed SuVee board session shortly after the establishment of the Caldari Providence Directorate. An as-yet unnamed SuVee board member has consented to testify about both the agreement and Onita's policy of establishing so-called "commodity mountains." Onita's reasoning was that massive stockpiles of "real material" were the only safe hedge against economic "chaos and instability." Despite objections from a board minority, the Sukuuvestaa Corporation began to re-zone large parcels of land and shut down agricultural operations in anticipation of exploration and extraction.

Sources have passed on an extract from the disaffected SuVee board member's statement: "The policy is utter madness. It has led to SuVee's agricultural output falling by 23%. With our margins, this would have led to ration cuts, facility abandonment and even worker starvation. We all know what that would mean in the new political climate. So Onita decided to get Yagala [NOH CEO] to cut someone else's throat. That turned out to be Lai Dai." No comment is forthcoming from Sukuuvestaa at this time.