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Tech Level 2 Components Removed Completely From Agents

2005-04-27 - 发布者 CCP Oveur

We were previously going to replace the Tech Level 2 Components with the ingredients for Components. However, after doing extensive analysis of the situation, we have decided to remove it completely. As an example, there are 500 Starbases online on Tranquility right now and they are rapidly increasing, and by removing the components, they should increase even faster. The level of income from agents is already proportionally high vs. other ways of income so this change should not be that extensive to agent runner income.

We expect prices to rise of components and ships as a result of these news, and will stay there until Starbases compensate for the influx from agents. This change will become active on Tranquility within the next weeks and only requires a server update. I suggest you start implementing or increasing your Starbase operations.

The next big content patch also includes further major additions to infrastructure, both to make it more feasible to operate in 0.0 and to further improveme the stats of Starbase Moon Harvesting. Blogs about the contents of this patch and scheduled release frame will emerge over the next week (Yes, it's the NWO one)

However, since we are on the topic of agents, high traffic systems which are now suffering from massive lag during peak hours will get changed. The load is caused by the combined effect of being big agent clusters, being highways, have large markets in addition to heavy factory and research operations. These systems will will have their agent cluster dispersed to nearby systems.

This will usually result in higher rewards since the agents will be in lower security (no, not all the way into 0.0) but you should also experience less lag during peak hours. Recently, this has been at unplayable levels, so I expect this is a welcome change.