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The Gallente Elections

2004-10-27 - 发布者 Talisman

There have been a few questions raised regarding the ongoing Gallente Elections event. First of all, this event is scheduled to culminate in December, so there’s a lot of time still to introduce and explain the latter parts of this event. For instance, the three presidential candidates and their agendas will be covered in depth over the next weeks. Their general stand has already been described, so players have some info to base their sign up decisions on. Remember that the sign up phase will last until Exodus so you don’t have to choose right away if you’re unsure of whom to support – more info on the candidates is forthcoming before the sign up phase ends.

The sign up phase has already started and at last count around 150 corporations had already signed up. At the moment CEOs cant change their sign up decisions, but we’ll add that option later on. One reason is that people might change their mind once they get to know the candidates better. Another reason is that unfortunately no info on the region selection was included. This was due to a small misunderstanding between me and the web guy that set the page up. The six regions carry different weight in the upcoming presidential elections, so players have to decide whether they want to go for the big regions, where the biggest competition is, or try to sneak their Emissary in through a less contested, less important regions. The rank of the regions is as follows (largest to smallest):

  1. Essence
  2. Verge Vendor
  3. Sinq Laison
  4. Everyshore
  5. Placid
  6. Solitude

Just to reinstate the numbers: the best corporation for each candidate in each region will get an Emissary. Thus, there will be 6 Emissaries for each candidate, or 18 in total. More info on the role of the Emissaries and the weight of the regions will come later.

There have been several questions regarding the missions. Here are answers to some of them:

  • First of all, the missions will only start once the sign up phase is completed, i.e. after Exodus.
  • We will seed special storyline agents around the Federation that will give out only these missions.
  • All players in the participating corporations can do these missions, no matter of race or standing (though low security status might mean people have difficulty reaching the agents).
  • The mission reward is always just the Candidate Vouchers. Once the mission phase draws to an end, CEOs can turn in the vouchers to determine the winners.

The reason for the voucher system (instead of simply counting the number of missions completed) is to allow corporations to wheel-and-deal between themselves for vouchers (i.e. if you see that you have no chance of winning yourself you can always sell another corporation your vouchers).

And finally, just to emphasize: the presidential elections will have ramifications. Each of the candidates has an agenda that will influence the game in the future. Thus, the players can directly influence what direction the Federation takes.