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The Power of 2

2006-02-27 - 发布者 CCP Hellmar

We have been seeing requests popping up on various communication channels about doing an EVE^2 promotion again. The requests are usually linked to the new character creation options that will be available with Thursday's Blood release.

To accommodate these requests we will offer "The Power of 2" promotion again (identical to the promotion we ran in September 2004) in conjunction with the release of Blood (poised to hit our newly upgraded Tranquility server on Thursday).

Based on our previous experience, we will have to limit this offer to credit card customers, PayByCash and Game Time Codes will not work for this promotion. I apologize in advance to our customers lacking credit cards for extending this offer without being able to provide all of the standard billing options.

On Friday, 3 March, a new button will appear in the our Account Management pages. The button will take you to a page which will allow you to create a new account with 6 months of subscription time included for 49.95 €/$.

Note: This promotion will run until the end of March and will no longer be available after the 31st.

Please send ActiveALLI some happy thoughts for putting this together in such a short period of time.

These account will not be set-up for automatic renewal. If you wish to keep a Power of 2 account open after the 6 months of the offer, you will need to reactivate the account through account services at the normal subscription rate.