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Thukker Tribe to Join Republic with Full Autonomy in the Great Wildlands

2009-03-08 - 发布者 Svarthol

Pator – In a joint press conference held moments ago on the Minmatar homeworld, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and Thukker Chief Einnar Aeboul have announced that the Thukker Tribe is to join the Minmatar Republic, being conferred the status of an independent 'state within a state.' Although the Thukker Tribe will join in political union with the other Minmatar Tribes through the emerging 'Tribal Republic' being forged by Sanmatar Shakor, they will retain full autonomy within their home region of the Great Wildlands.

A visibly moved Sanmatar Shakor had this to say of the tribes' new political unity: "My fellow children of Matar, I stand before you as a man looking upon the dreams of his forefathers made real. The Seven Tribes of Matar are once more unified. The freedom of all Minmatar is another step closer to realization." Chief Einnar Aeboul, generally described as a taciturn man, had only a few words to say: "The people of the Great Caravans will never stop roaming, but Matar is ever our home."

The announcement of political union between the Thukker and the Republic is a dramatic step building on the open-borders agreement of November YC110, which some commentators suggested was a prelude to further political convergence. The extent to which negotations on Thukker-Republic unity had advanced was unknown until Sanmatar Shakor called for an assembly of the Seven Tribes of Matar last Thursday. Final details of this new union and the changing political structure of the Minmatar Republic look to be the major business items on the agenda of the upcoming tribal assembly.