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Two New Content Dev Positions

2009-07-12 - 发布者 CCP Molock

So here we are, working on stuff for our summer patch and, beyond that, for the upcoming winter release. We've got a ton of new content work to do, but there's a lot of other tweaking, maintenance, and updating we'd like to get to as well. There are a lot of things about EVE that are great, but we always want to make it better.

But of course there are only so many hands available to do the work. As the world of EVE grows and as our player base increases in size, we find more and more things we want to tackle; however, finding the time during release planning to get to even a fraction of the stuff we'd like to do becomes more and more challenging.

That's why we've just opened two associate-level positions on the EVE Content team in Atlanta. We need good, smart people who are passionate and knowledgeable about EVE and who, like us, want to see the game improve and evolve. 

If you're interested, you can apply here. Specifically, the people who fill these positions would be part of the Content Development team here in Georgia, but would also work closely with the Game Design team in Reykjavik on developing PVE elements of EVE, primarily by building deadspace complexes, exploration sites, and the like.

Experience with game level design, whether formal or otherwise, possibly including modding other games or building user spaces for them, would be a strong benefit

  • CCP Molock