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Ushra'Khan Press Release Announces New Campaign

2008-05-15 - 发布者 Svarthol

Ushra’Khan, an alliance of Minmatar freedom fighters, has recently announced their campaign against Amarr slave traders: “This day our warriors set course for the dark centre of this beast’s lair. We are bound for Amarr itself!”

The press release continues with four entities specifically named as targets; Kingdom of Redemption alliance, Order of the Black Cross alliance, Aegis Militia alliance, and CompleXion Industries corporation.

Karn, explains: “We chose three overt Amarrian supporters who our scouts reported worked regularly for Amarrian agents and traded in the Amarrian empire hubs. In addition to this the Order of the Black Cross were declared upon to facilitate removal of their star bases as we aid our brothers in the Wings of Maak who have single handily brought the Black Cross to its knees. CompleXion Industries were chosen as they stood out above all other corporations living and operating in Amarr space for mission running for Amarrian agents.”

Ushra’Khan pilots have been preparing for this campaign for some time now. In addition to attacks in the Amarr system itself, they have been tasked with disrupting mission running hubs and the key supply pipelines across the Amarrian Empire.

Ugleb, in clarifying the goal of the campaign, stated: “This is an announcement of a fresh campaign opening a new front. Attacking supporters of the empire where they live. Our pilots are already in the area engaging the foe and actively targeting slave transports to recover our people.”

Other pilots had different feelings on the matter entirely. As Xavian Vaar , a non-combatant responding to the public release, observed: “…regardless of whether slaves are killed when a bestower explodes,…you are engaging and destroying civilian transports in Amarr space with the sole intention of making off with the cargo; cargo legally sourced, sold, transported and bought within the Empire. Even if slaves were contraband, you are not the duly appointed law enforcement officials for the Empire and have no rights to engage and destroy (or attack by means of boarding action, for that matter) civilian or even military shipping for any purpose, let alone the confiscation of legally transported commodities… Justify it any way you please, but they are the very definition of piracy.”

Traak, CEO of CompleXion Industries, says that, “Our producers, tower operations, etc, are always ready to weather a storm. Our diplomatic channels are always prepared [as well]. Our miners have no way to weather a storm and so several have left the corp.”

In regards to the declaration of war, Traak feels that “They [Ushar’Khan] clearly don't have the right information to make a good decision. We have some Amarr mission runners, but we also have members who run Minmatar and Gallente, so it feels a little... misguided. We don't have a [fighting] force and we're not going to pretend we do... we'll just lose ships. This war will end in one of two ways: through diplomatic channels, or they get bored.”

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