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Welcoming Spanish-Speaking Capsuleers

2022-09-11 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Worldwide capsuleers,

EVE Online is about immersion in a rich universe, one that capsuleers have helped shape from the beginning. To that end, we were thrilled to announce at Fanfest that the EVE experience would soon be available in the Spanish language. With the soft launch of the long-requested and highly anticipated Spanish client, live now on the Tranquility server, you can now jump in and enjoy EVE en Español for the first time!

European Spanish is the foundation, but the aim is to faithfully incorporate the shared terminology and culture that EVE’s Spanish-speaking community has developed over the course of EVE’s lifetime. To that end, we've partnered up with a number of Spanish-speaking players to make this happen, and would like to give huge thanks to DR4GONS, Juvenius, orik Kado, Rei Arzi, IcyMind Arierep, Vizary Stahl, and Juno Swanteisger for their invaluable assistance.

The live soft launch on Tranquility consists of a partially translated EVE client, and is now offering every Spanish-speaking capsuleer the opportunity to dive in, experience it, and provide feedback to further refine what will eventually be a fully translated client.

Get directly involved on the official EVE Spanish Forum to share comments & feedback and help develop EVE’s Spanish language experience!

The storied communities and friendships forged between New Eden’s intrepid capsuleers have always formed the heart and soul of EVE, and we’re excited to bring Spanish-speaking players an accessible way to fully share in the invaluable EVE community – starting with the soft launch and culminating in a full Spanish release in Q4 2022.

Fly safe – we'll see you in space!