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Yawn and strech

2006-07-14 - 发布者 CCP Hammer

My eyes are blurry. I’ve been doing a lot of data work this week in preparation for “invention”. One of the aspects of invention is that you’ll be able to use loot you have sitting around to help you try and invent something better. The amount the module helps in the research is based on its quality. The problem with this is that up until now modules didn’t know how good they are. It would take us just as long to write a script that orders the modules by their quality as it’s taking me to do it manually.

There are a few side benefits to this mind-numbingly boring task though. One of the benefits is that putting a group of modules into Excel and trying to sort them in order of worst to best tends to shine light on any discrepancies. (Some might go so far as to say “bug” but we all know there are no bugs in EVE) When you’re looking at a huge column of 96, 96, 96, 96, 96, 96, and then you see a 46 in there it’s a clue that something might not be right. So I’ve taken up the nerf bat and I’m boosting some modules and nerfing others. Typically it has resulted in a boost to some poor overlooked module in the middle of the pack that no one cares about.

The other benefit is that once I’m done with this task t20 can add this info to the show info windows of all the modules. That should help both new and old players to know the quality of that loot they just liberated.

In completely unrelated news EVE TV is on and I’m amazed at how well this thing came together. If you aren’t watching you should be.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go back to nerfing and watching EVE TV (direct link to the feed).