A Reminder Regarding Scamming & Charity Events

After a number of reports from pilots across New Eden, we have noticed a increase of scams using the word “charity” via both EVEmail and in local chat of large trade hubs and other busy systems.

We would like to remind all pilots that any form of scamming that relates to either in game or out of game charities is strictly prohibited.

While scamming, confidence tricks and theft are permitted in EVE Online, and are not regarded as being a breach of the game rules, CCP operates a zero tolerance policy when charity events, or in game or out of game charities are used in any way, shape or form as fronts for this kind of gameplay.

Any pilots found to be engaged in this type of behavior, or who are found to be using charity or charity fundraising to defraud, deceive or gain an advantage over other pilots in any way, will be reprimanded to the full extent of our rules, and may permanently lose access to their EVE Online accounts.