Dawn of a new SKIN era: First Star Captain SKIN now available

Celebrating the arrival of EVE Online: Ascension, we are excited to present the first next-generation SKIN in the New Eden Store: Behold the Star Captain SKIN for the "Confessor"-class Amarr Tech-3 destroyer!

This incredible Star Captain SKIN features a prominent white star on top of a striking red and blue color scheme. First of its kind, this SKIN uses our next-generation pattern projection technology recently introduced to EVE Online.

Watch this video about pattern projection technology and discover the fantastic potential for new SKINs in the New Eden Store. 

Purchasing SKINs is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Make sure that you have sufficient AUR
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT-4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
  • Select the Star Captain Confessor SKIN (permanent) and purchase it
  • The SKIN is then available in your redeeming system