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EVE Online Directors’ Letter

2024-01-19 - By EVE Online Team

Forward-looking capsuleers,

As we warp into the new year, we want to thank you, our community, for a monumental 2023 and cast our eyes forward, filled with immense anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead in EVE Online.

The 20th anniversary year was an epic one, with a record breaking Fanfest, two expansions, the EVE Vanguard First Strike event, and much more! The end of year episode of EVE Pulse captured some of the highlights and notable capsuleer achievements.

Since moving to expansions in 2022, we have seen remarkable engagement and excitement in the community. The Uprising, Viridian, and Havoc expansions empowered capsuleers to impact the universe in different ways and have laid a robust foundation to build on this year.  You have made New Eden more vibrant with life and bustling with activity, as evidenced by amazing player stories, increased numbers of players in space, and boots on the ground.  

A strong focus

Last Fanfest we talked about our product themes and how they guide our efforts in enhancing your EVE experience.   

Strong Organizations are the lifeblood of New Eden, where recruits are trained, and plans for world domination are formed. Recently, we have been focused on strengthening this theme by bolstering the AIR onboarding experience, creating capable and confident capsuleers through the AIR Career Program and Opportunities, while adding meaning and fostering belonging through contribution to Corporation Projects. 

The Future of War keeps evolving and changing, and as ever, innovation is key. Recent changes to Frontline Advantage, and the addition of corruption and suppression, provide new opportunities to impact the universe, creating more meaningful situations and exciting gameplay. 

Identity and Agency is a new and important theme for us. Through choices and world impact, players have freedom to pursue their dreams and forge their identity. The past three expansions for EVE have empowered players’ creativity through visual expression and supported individual playstyles by deregulating currency and incentivizing diverse ways to earn money.  

Those themes support and drive our creative vision, the ultimate science fiction experience, and with this focus on conflict, identity, and community, the two expansions coming in 2024 will see a shift of focus towards null security space and increasing the rich opportunities presented to capsuleers there. In addition, we will expand the possibilities of personal expression with the advancement of SKINR for ship customization, further strengthen player bonds through corporations and fleets, all while we continue to develop EVE Vanguard in collaboration with you, the community. 

The Future of Warfare 

In the lead-up to the summer expansion, a new era will begin to unfold in New Eden, details of which will start to be revealed in-game shortly. What we can say is exciting new technology and resources will give players the opportunity to build and customize their space in nullsec, creating new conflict drivers and objectives. Bold and lucrative opportunities will arise for established corporations and alliances, but also for small opportunists that can attack vulnerable areas to gain resources. One thing is certain, the value of owning and defending space is set to rise.  

Image credit: https://verite.space/

The Power of Identity 

This year will see a big leap forward for personal expression and identity. With the introduction of SKINR in the Viridian expansion, capsuleers got the ability to customize Upwell structures. The summer expansion will further extend SKINR’s capabilities to ships!   

We are taking SKINR to dizzying new heights with ship customization through the design of custom SKINs, with an array of patterns, designs, and a broad spectrum of colors. The creative options are vast, and capsuleers will be able to design and manufacture SKINs, to personalize their own ships and entire fleets, or sell them to generate new income streams, further adding to individuality, identity, and agency in New Eden.  

This expansion of SKINR is a gateway to a more profound expression of identity, allowing you to proudly display your colors, emblems, and designs in the heart of battle, exploration, and diplomacy. 

Home is Where the Corp Is 

In the grand tapestry of New Eden, where the expanse of space offers limitless possibilities, the concept of “home” holds a special place. Your home is the essence of belonging, collaboration, and collective achievements within the corporations that form the backbone of the EVE Universe. Corporation Projects, introduced in Viridian, have played a crucial role in strengthening the bond between organizations and their members. At the helm are the corporation leaders and project managers, the visionaries and strategists who become architects of experience, and we’ll continue to expand on the reward types in 2024 to further fit their needs, and yours.  

In 2024 we will expand the scope and impact of Corporation Projects with exciting improvements such as enabling corporations to create freelance tasks for non-members, which will become an essential avenue for recruitment, and a great way for capsuleers to build their confidence or simply earn some ISK. There will also be new methods to contribute to Corporation Projects, and the project conditions will be expanded to allow different methods of task completion.  

Our long-term goal is to make Corporation Projects a cornerstone of corporate life, offering more diverse tasks, customizable goals, and a deeper connection to current events and the economy of New Eden. 

As Above, So Below 

We stand on the cusp of a thrilling new venture with the introduction of EVE Vanguard, your first-person shooter module seamlessly integrated into the rich universe of EVE Online. Our commitment to openly develop EVE Vanguard continues throughout 2024 with monthly playtests as part of the Founders’ Access for Omega players. These are crucial in our collaborative process of development, allowing us to fine-tune mechanics, balance gameplay, and integrate your insights and feedback into the evolution of this new module. 

Looking ahead to June, our Founders will get hands-on with a new map, a weapon modification feature will be introduced, and fittings will be persistent across sessions. Add to this the evolution of our mining prototype coming initially earlier in March, and all fans of FPS experiences within the EVE Universe will want to keep their eyes out for Vanguard updates coming in spring, summer, and beyond. 

Exciting Adventures Ahead 

We are very excited for what 2024 holds, each upcoming development representing a step forward in our continuous effort to make EVE Online a more immersive, engaging, and dynamic universe. From the depths of null security space to the frontlines of planetary combat, every update and expansion is crafted with you in mind. Our roadmap is merely the beginning, and we have stellar events coming this year, including Capsuleer Day, Crimson Harvest, Winter Nexus, and the biggest Alliance Tournament yet, so there’s a lot to be excited about. 

Our focus remains steadfast on continuing to build on our core themes. As we enter a new year, we will continue working hard on bringing you stronger organizations, providing avenues for every pilot to express their identity and have agency in New Eden, all the while furthering the future of war. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where every player, regardless of their role or allegiance, can find purpose and excitement in the vast expanse of space. 

We believe there has never been a better time to play EVE Online, whether you are just starting out, returning after a hiatus, or a seasoned veteran. 20 years in, but we are just getting started - the best is yet to come as the sky is not the limit, but merely the beginning. 


CCP Burger, Creative Director, and CCP Rattati, Game Director.