EVE on Steam - Join the celebration and play for free this weekend!

In celebration of the 13th anniversary of EVE Online on May 6th with Capsuleer Day and the EVE Online: Citadel expansion, we offer EVE Online on Steam for free this weekend from May 5th to 8th without any restrictions. Further celebrations include massive discounts on Core Starter Packs (75% off), Premium Editions including PLEX (50% off), Content packs, PLEX and subscriptions.  

With the EVE Online: Citadel expansion, we have introduced many new features to EVE Online, and deployed massive improvements. The Community has been extremely busy in game, fighting the largest conflict New Eden has seen in years. Now we can celebrate all of this with all of you! 

If you are looking to strengthen your corporation, alliance or coalition with new players or returning veterans, this is the time! Lend your newbros a hand and reap the benefits of additional manpower - as we all know, there is power in numbers.

Spread the word and join the free EVE on Steam celebration weekend! Further details will be available in the coming days.