Get your Early Bird Tickets for EVE Online’s 10th Anniversary Fanfest

Early Bird tickets are on sale now for the EVEnt of the decade, Fanfest 2013!

Celebrate 10 years of EVE Online with over 1,000 fans April 25th to 27th at the Harpa Convention Center in Reykjavik, Iceland. Join us for presentations, PVP tournaments, roundtables with the devs and keynote speeches on the future of the EVE universe. Party non-stop with pub crawls, live DJS at the Party at the Top of the World or set out on the town to experience Reykjavik’s one-of-a-kind night life.

Make sure you get tickets and book flights accordingly to witness the first ever full blown EVE Online Symphony, Wednesday night before Fanfest.

Visit the Fanfest website for pricing, details and more information on the activities awaiting you at what is about to be the most massive EVE Fanfest yet. We look forward to seeing you there!