Issue with Incorrect Citadel Reinforcement Timers, May 31 2016

Hello Players

At present, some citadels have incorrect vulnerability timers active, and as such, can be attacked outside of their regular vulnerability windows. This issue will be resolved during the next downtime (11:00UTC 2016-06-01).

Until that time, owners of Citadels that are attacked and enter reinforced due to this issue may file a support ticket asking for the reinforcement to be reversed. Please note that this will only be offered for shield reinforcement timers. Armor and Hull reinforcement timers will not be reversed as they would have been initiated before this issue occurred. Owners of Citadels in shield vulnerable may also request for them to be set to invulnerable.

When filing a support ticket for this issue, please file it with the following:
Subject: Incorrect Citadel Reinforcement Timer
Category: Gameplay Support -> Stuck -> Stuck Characters
Body: Please include the name and location of the Citadel.