March release to be deployed tomorrow 2016/03/09 during extended downtime

We’re happy to announce that after a short delay, the March release is now ready for action, and will be deployed during an extended downtime tomorrow, March 9th 2016.

Downtime will begin at the regular time of 11:00 UTC, and will run for a total of 90 minutes. We expect that the Tranquility cluster will be back online and accepting connections at 12:30 UTC once the deployment is complete.

This release brings a whole host of changes to New Eden, including increased Drifter activity in Drifter wormhole systems, along with new boosters, more module tiericide and tweaks to ECM and ECCM, changes to the watch list system, the introduction of Project Discovery, user interface and camera improvements, new skills in preparation for the release of Citadels and new Stasis Grappler modules.

You can read the full patch notes here, which also contains links to more detailed information on changes to ECM, ECCM and the new Stasis Grappler modules.

We would also like to extend huge thanks to all those players who joined us for a short notice mass test earlier this evening on Singularity in order to test a fix for the issue that caused the delay of the release.

For detailed information on all the module changes that are coming with this release, pleaes see the following list of threads: