Mass Login Test - Singularity Test Server - November 24th

In order to perform some essential database testing with a good degree of scale, we would like to perform a pretty unique test on our Singularity test cluster today, and would like as many pilots as possible to assist us with generating logins on the test server.

(Image courtsey of Razorien)

From 15:30 through to 16:00 UTC today, November 24th, we'd like as many pilots as possible to log in to their accounts on Singularity, select a character and load into space/station, at which point you can simply log out again.

If pilots would like to log in multiple accounts, or log out once they've loaded into station and log in with a different character, this would also be greatly appreciated so that we can monitor performance during this test! Please note, this takes place on the Singularity test server, not on Tranquility.

We will be taking Singularity down for maintenance at 14:30 UTC, and it will return to service before 15:30 UTC.

We're looking forward to seeing you all on Singularity this afternoon!