Modules to be removed from certain ships during downtime this Wednesday, 6 February

During downtime this Wednesday, 6 February, we will unfit ships based on changes done in the Trinity expansion in December. Some ships now have fewer module slots than they had before, but the actual modules were not removed. With this fix, all fitted modules of ships that have too many modules for their slots will be placed in the ship’s cargo hold. Since this will not only strip your modules from removed slots but all modules from the entire ship we strongly suggest that you remove additional modules from your ship yourself before the downtime!

Affected ships in the expansion were (high/med/low):

  • Eos – changed to: 7/4/6 – 2 turret hardpoints removed.
  • Nidhoggur - changed to: 5/5/6
  • Ares - changed to: 3/3/4
  • Rook – changed to: 5/7/3
  • Nightmare – changed to: 6/7/5 – 4 launcher hardpoints removed.
  • Phantasm – changed to: 5/6/3 – 3 launcher hardpoints removed.
  • Succubus – changed to: 4/4/2 – 2 launcher hardpoints removed.

Unfortunately there was a mixup with the slot data, this has now been corrected. We apologize if it caused any concern.

Update 2008-02-08: As an interesting fact we'd like to add that 10682 ships were examined and of those 10580 were stripped of modules. 102 ships were fixed by you players themselves.