Multiple EVE Clients on same machine? Tell us your magic tricks

This is a very common thing, running multiple EVE clients on the same machine. Some people never encounter any problems with this, some get occasional crashes and others need a client with build number *666 to make it work properly. Well, just kidding with the build number, but it's a good a pattern as any we can pinpoint. There are a number of tips that are very common to allow multiple clients work, here are ours, please post yours. We'll add it to our Knowledge Base article on this issue.

Oveur's Magic Formula For Multiclient Love
1. RAM is your friend. Have 666 ... uhm, I mean 512MB or more.
2. Windowed mode of course. Less resolution is better.
3. Turn off "Sun Occluded By Ships". VERY important.
4. Set priority on EVE.exe to "Below normal" in the task manager, helps both clients get jiggy with it.
5. Display and sound card drivers. The newest latest are not necessarily your best friend. Sometimes the bit older, certified friends are better.
6. Get a voodoo doll and call it Oveur. (I'm winter with some spring)
7. Stick said doll if above tips don't work for you.