True Deliverance SKINs Now Available In The New Eden Store

We're happy to announce that a brand new line of SKINs are now available for Sansha's Nation hulls in the New Eden Store.

The "True Deliverance" SKIN line is available at the following PLEX prices:

  • Succubus - 55 PLEX
  • Phantasm - 55 PLEX
  • Nightmare - 110 PLEX
  • Revenant - 250 PLEX

A bundle of SKINs for the three subcapital hulls is also available at a 10% discount off the total price.

In addition to these new SKINs, several lines are reappearing in the New Eden Store today:

  • One Eden
  • Sanctuary
  • Morphite Shine

These SKINs will continue to be available over the summer, so be sure to grab them if you'd like to add them to your collection!