QA Live Dev Blog on Thursday, 23 August at 20.00 to 21.00 GMT

After a long summer vacation we're back with the Live Dev Blogs! First out is QA who will answer all your questions about Quality Assurance and what it is they do.

To participate in the Live Dev Blog you have to have EVE Voice active and join the in-game channel "Live Dev Blog". If you can't make it we will provide a downloadable copy of the chat on Friday and as soon as we can we will also add a transcript.

Since this thing is all about asking the Devs your questions, please use this thread to ask questions. Please note that this is not a discussion thread, just a post your questions here thread.

If you wish to discuss the event, you should use this thread instead. Please note that you cannot ask your questions here, you'll need to use the other thread, this is for discussions only.