The last Castor patch scheduled for deployment Tuesday 31st of August

Yup, we're on schedule with the last Castor patch deployment. I won't rule out a couple of other fixes, but the Release Candidate is currently running on Entropy. We have a number of fixes in it and patch notes are already published by kieron here.

Most notable are the changes to the smartbomb, making it almost worthy of its name (well, we now call it "Above-Average-Intelligent-Bomb"), a number of lag causing bugs (criminal flagging, modem users, multiple-warp), cruiser bonus fixes, security standing gain for NPC hunting, some of the log-out fixes are in too (pod disappearing, quitting client just before gate jump). Oh! And we added the Remote Armor Repairer, tuned some support modules and added a little elite cruiser shippie to work with those modules! Well, get the juice from the source, read the Patch Notes!