Tranquility will be patched on Thursday, 31 August from 0800 to 1500 GMT

In an effort to resolve some of the issues from last week's code branch update and recent server issues, Tranquility will be patched on Thursday, 31 August. This patch will start at 0800 GMT and is expected to last until 1500 GMT.

Patch Notes are available, and the Known Issues page has been updated to reflect the fixes and changes brought about in this patch. Please support the QA effort by logging in to Singularity and assisting with bug hunting.

We realize this is a departure from our normal Tuesday patch routine, but we feel the fixes and changes made in this patch are too important to leave for a week.

Finally, the extended downtime will help resolve some of the recent server stability issues of the past few weeks. After the Dragon code branch update, the capacity of one of the RAMSANs is being filled beyond its limits, thus bringing down TQ. Until a new RAMSAN can be added to the server, some of the database tables are being moved to a hard drive.

As with any patch, please set a long duration skill training.