Trinity 1.0.2 Patch Deployment, Tuesday, 19 February from 11:00-14:00 GMT

Tranquility will undergo an extended downtime on Tuesday, 19 February. The start time is 11:00 GMT and the length of the downtime is expected to be three hours. During this time, a patch will be applied to Trinity consisting of one fix.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard correctly, there is one fix in this patch. The issue was that if your EVE client takes too long to start up, you couldn't enter your username or password, this has now been fixed.

Patch Notes are now available. Any updates will be highlighted with green text. Patch discussion may be found in this forum thread.

But quite frankly there is one patch note here so there will most likely not be any updates and I'm not even sure if there's that much to discuss anyway. But if you find something, knock yourselves out!