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Amarr Empire Goes To War

2005-06-14 - Por Svarthol

Coming before his people for the first time in months, His Holiness The Emperor of Amarr this afternoon spoke from the steps of the Imperial palace in Dam-Torsad. In his speech, he exhorted his subjects to “through strength of mind and heart, weather the tide of evil that now assails the servants of God.”

The Emperor then went on to proclaim that every single arm of military might controlled by the Empire would now be pointed squarely in the direction of the Blood Raider Covenant. “They have dealt us a blow, to be sure, but Amarr did not reach her heights of glory by buckling under pressure, least of all from craven heretics such as Omir Sarikusa and his lot. The Hand of God shall lend us strength. The Hand of God shall guide us. From this moment, let it be known that the Empire is at war.”

As the Emperor spoke, bedlam struck the Imperial palace’s surroundings. According to one eyewitness, “I haven’t seen anything like it. Thousands upon thousands of people came together in adulation of their nation, their God and their Emperor. It was really a sight to see.”

Perimum Amyn, Minister of War for the Empire, speaking at a press conference shortly after the Emperor had made his statement, said a mixed force of sub-and superorbital vessels was being assembled which would strike at key Blood Raider tactical locations, the aim of the campaign being nothing less than the total annihilation of the Covenant and their followers.

When asked about the role of capsuleer forces such as the Blood Inquisition (a pod pilot corporation which played an instrumental role in the Mabnen attack) in the upcoming struggle, Amyn stated that the Ministry had reliable intelligence that “the ceaselessly loyal, ever-vigilant paramilitary capsuleer forces of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and the Aegis Militia have declared war on the Covenant’s supporters.” Asked of the likelihood that the Empire’s military forces would coordinate their efforts with these paramilitaries, Minister Amyn said the chances were “significantly high.”

The Emperor’s announcement is seen as a radical departure from his policies, which have been described as quasi-pacifistic. This has led to a certain degree of speculation on the reasons for the declaration, as well as confusion regarding the stuttered time frame in which decisions seem to have been made. Neither the Emperor family nor the Court Chamberlain have issued comments on the matter.

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