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CCPlease - When Memes Become Reality

2019-02-12 - Por CCP Falcon

Deep in the bowels of Jita 4-4, a soft feral growling accompanied by curious scratching and gnawing echoes through steel plated hallways, from corroded bulkhead to well worn airlock door.

*Across the fluid router system, trillions of messages bounce from node to node throughout New Eden. *

Pend Insurance claims, notices of war declaration, chants of “give me your ISK and I’ll double it” and streams of neural data from the consciousness of unlucky capsuleers returning to their clone vats.

*Yottabytes of data travelling seamlessly and instantaneously across hundreds of light years. *

*Among this data there’s a common voice speaking. *

An ear wrapped in luscious, thick fur perks up on hearing it among the digital distortion, and a paw reaches for a battered, jury rigged comms console, tweaking dials and pulling levers to filter out the noise and focus on a single word.

A word chanted in unison across the cluster…


Today, we’re happy to introduce a new addition to

For some time now, we’ve been looking at the best way to chart some of the key quality of life improvements and features that the EVE Dev Team are working on. After trying out a few different methods of displaying this information, we decided to do what always works best given the close relationship we have with our pilots – embrace the community and its creativity.

What is CCPlease?

While EVE Updates will give detail on upcoming content and information about features and events coming to New Eden, CCPlease will have a different focus – tracking progress on quality of life improvements.

Serving as a quality of life and improvements roadmap, CCPlease will keep track of some of the various improvements projects and features that CCP is working on to improve the EVE Online client and playing experience.

Rather than keeping track of every quality of life project that we’re working on, CCPlease will be focused on several key projects at a time, selected by CCP based on community feedback and concerns, and will chart the progress of how work on these projects is coming along.

The aim is both transparency, and accountability for key quality of life improvements to New Eden, as well as increasing awareness of the status of these projects.

How will it work?

We aim to update CCPlease roughly around once a month as we make progress on projects and add more information on both ongoing and new efforts.

We want CCPlease to serve as a completely transparent timeline of which quality of life changes we’re currently working on and what the status of our efforts is concerning each of them.

If a project is delayed, or if priorities shift, this will be reflected on CCPlease, and we’ll endeavour to make sure that there’s as much information as possible on each project, with links to dev blogs, forum threads and other resources for pilots to keep up to date.

When CCPlease is updated, we’ll tweet about it via the official EVE Online twitter account using the hashtag #CCPlease and when large milestones are released, or new projects are added, we’ll blog or give further information in EVE Pulse, with a link to the page for further details.

There is no time limit here and this isn’t a campaign that we’ll end when key projects are completed.

EVE is forever and CCPlease will remain a focus for us going forward. When a project is completed, it’ll remain on the timeline for a while before being added to a page listing all completed projects where pilots can browse through a full history of work on quality of life improvements.

CCPlease is a tool to create awareness and give transparency on quality of life work for EVE Online and how it’s progressing going forward.


CCPlease is live now, and you can check it out at

We’ll be starting small with a few key projects and looking at how best to display the information around what we’re working on.

From there, we hope that the page will grow into a solid repository of all the quality of life work that the EVE Dev Team are working on and provide a transparent roadmap for current improvement efforts.

How can I get involved?

Give us your feedback. Let us know what you think.

CCPlease will evolve over time with input from the community and we’re hoping that it’s going to become a solid framework that we can use to keep our pilots up to date some of the key quality of life work that we’re doing to make EVE Online a better place for everyone.

If you’ve got comments, questions or feedback, head on over to the discussion thread for this dev blog on the official forums.

We’d love to hear what you think, and we’re excited to start working on evolving the site with feedback and suggestions from the community.