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Changes to Electronic Warfare

2003-11-06 - Por CCP TomB

Electronic Warfare modules such as ECM Jammers, Tracking Disruptors, Jump Scramblers, Stasis Webifiers and Remote Sensor Dampers have been the specialty of the Gallente Federation since the war between the Gallente and Caldari broke out. To counter this Caldari ships had been upgraded with electronic warfare defenses and greater sensor strength.

However, the greater targeting range of the Caldari ships has allowed them to make the most use of these modules as there is no range limit on them. Upcoming changes to Electronic Warfare will limit the effectiveness of these modules at large distances by introducing a maximum capable range.

Optimal Range and Fall Off will be added to these modules, they will have 100% effectiveness within their Optimal Range and then it degrades to 0% where at the edge of the Fall Off range.