Community Beat for 6 June | EVE Online

Community Beat for 6 June

2024-06-06 - Por EVE Online Community Team

o7 spacefriends,

Coming at you one day earlier than usual, we are back with another edition of the Community Beat. As always this is your update on what's been happening in New Eden. This week, as we celebrate special milestones and space battles, we also marvel at new artwork and look back on bittersweet memories.

Celebrating 20 years!

Earlier this year we celebrated EVE University's 20th birthday and now it is Chribba's turn. Known as the most honest man in EVE, Chribba reached a special milestone on 31 May 2024, celebrating 20 years in his corporation. He's been part of his corp for longer than some of us have been alive... Think about that.

Congrats Chribba!

Bringing spaceships to life

We love seeing artists at work, and this video from Lloyd George is no exception. His ability to bring spaceships to life with just water, paint, and a brush blows our minds every time. Watching the process unfold is almost better than admiring the final product, if you ask us.

Lloyd also shows that inspiration can come from anywhere with this finished piece, inspired by a tweet from Hilmar.

Action you can't ignore

Of course, nothing —okay, almost nothing— makes us happier than witnessing skirmishes in space. We recently came across this compilation from Crovey & Test Alliance Please Ignore, and it was simply too good to pass up. So, instead of ignoring them, let's check out their video:

Skirmishing in space is not just about playing a video game; it's also a great way to forge new friendships. BJK from DECOY demonstrates this in their latest video. Watch and see how the bonds of camaraderie formed amidst the chaos of combat extend to a real-life meetup:

If we stick to the topic of real-life meetups, EVE Amsterdam is taking place next week. Don't miss your chance to hangout with fellow capsuleers or some of our very own EVE Devs and grab your tickets now!

Tribute to fallen capsuleers

As we celebrate the incredible friendships that have formed over years of playing EVE together, we also find ourselves reflecting on the bittersweet memories of those we've lost.

It is with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye to our beloved colleague, CCP Amazon. Approximately four weeks ago, we received the devastating news of her sudden passing. During her time at CCP as a game master and previously as a streamer, CCP Amazon —also known as Arabella, Lady Hellcat, and GM Tigress— had a significant impact on the EVE community. Her contributions and vibrant presence will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

To honor CCP Amazon, streamers Chaos1298, Erst, MadCatTarin and Shogun257 organized a vigil last weekend. We are deeply grateful to them for creating this opportunity to remember and celebrate the life of our dear friend and colleague.

As we move forward, let us continue to build and cherish the friendships that make our community so special. Fly safe! o7