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Community Fittings now available in the EVE Online client

2019-09-26 - Por The EVE Dev Team

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Hello helpful capsuleers!

A while back we introduced the concept of Community Fittings where we invited players to submit ship fits that would be helpful to new players who were still finding their feet in New Eden.

We’ve been collecting your submissions on the forum and we’re pleased to announce that as of our August release, those community fittings are now available within the EVE Online client!

How to access the Community Fittings

  1. Click the Fitting button on the NEOCOM
  2. Click on the Browser button in the fitting window
  3. Click on the Community Fittings filter
  4. Browse through the current community fittings!

Right now there is a small selection of fittings for T1 exploration frigates which have been chosen by our hard-working ISD volunteers from the submissions in the community fittings forum. Now that this feature has found its way into the client we expect this list to grow quickly.

That’s cool! How can I help?

We’re already on the lookout for more submissions, starting with basic PvP fits for tech 1 frigates and PvE fits for T1 destroyers that will be able to tackle the Sisters of EVE epic arc. Head on over to the Community Fittings section of the EVE forums where the ISD volunteers have created new threads for ships we’re seeking fittings for.

The ship, its purpose and restrictions are mentioned in the first post of the thread and the thread title. Just reply to the thread with a good ship fit and add any further explanation about the advantages of your fit in your post.

Accepted fits will be regularly added to the client in batches and threads calling for new fits will be appearing as time goes on.

What’s it in for me?

Well for one thing if your fitting is selected then you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that somewhere in New Eden a new player could be flying around in your carefully crafted ship fit. Also your name will be featured along with the fit in-game so everyone will know what an awesome person you are!


When can I start?

Threads for new fits are already available. Get posting!

What do I do if I spot a bad fit?

Please do not discuss the quality of other submissions in the fitting thread. Our ISD volunteers will disregard any bad fittings they see.

What can I do if someone else copied my fitting?

If we see similar fittings we consider the first one posted to be the original one.

Can I submit troll fits?

Troll fits will be removed, probably before anyone else sees them. There are more productive uses of your time, friend! Have you considered learning to crochet?

What if a bad fitting has made it into the game client?

While all fittings will be carefully analysed, mistakes can sometimes happen. In the unlikely case that a laser Raven fit makes it into the client we can easily correct it. We will keep an eye on the feedback!