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Corp locations > bookmarks in cans

2011-11-22 - Por CCP Tuxford

As some of you might know we've been working on something called Corp Locations (formerly called corp bookmarks). The concept is quite simple really. Once Crucible is released, you will be able to share your bookmarks with your corp so anyone in the corp can see them and use them. Well, you're not exactly sharing them, what you are really doing is copying them and giving them to the corp. There is a little bit more to it than that though.

To protect our server the corp bookmarks are cached so they may be up to 5 minutes out of date. We're also limiting them to 250 bookmarks per corp. Both those numbers might change based on feedback and how well this performs.

Anyone in the corp can create Corp Locations, however, if you do create one, you will be displayed as its creator. So filling up the corp's location storage space, or putting in misleading locations (safespot at an enemy POS for example) will probably get you kicked out of the corp pretty quickly. Everybody can also delete locations they themselves created, but only corp members with the role 'Communications Officer' can delete locations that other members have created.

There has been some discussion on the forum about whether this makes a scout's life too easy. With Corp Locations, a scout can save strategic locations and then in 5 minutes or less the whole corp has access to it. We’re aware of this concern but we don’t see it as a problem right, given the tools that are already available on TQ. We will be monitoring, and if this does turn out to be a problem, we have number of options open to address it.

Thats pretty much what I have to say about this. Oh wait we also moved the location folder structure to the server which means that no longer will your bookmarks be lost to cache issues on your end.

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