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Expert Systems – Live Now

2021-03-09 - Por CCP Fleebix

Expert Capsuleers,

Brand new Expert Systems are now live in EVE Online! These are designed to help rookie Capsuleers discover and experience new activities by providing specific virtual skills and skill levels for a limited time that cannot be extracted through the use of Skill Extractors.

For a 7-day period per Expert System, you can taste the dream of a particular profession in EVE without having to commit to the skill training required by that path of progression and waiting for it to complete.

The first batch of Expert System products will focus on exploration, mining, and the core skills required to operate spaceships in EVE (commonly referred to as the ‘Magic 14’). You’ll be able to purchase Expert Systems that allow you to fly a Tech 1 exploration Frigate – either the Heron, Imicus, Magnate, or Probe – for 7 days, one that will allow you to operate a Mining Barge for 7 days, and one that will boost your essential flying skills for 7 days.

Expert Systems will not be lost when your ship or capsule is destroyed in space - similar to how Cerebral Accelerators work. Unlike Accelerators, however, the Expert Systems will be applied to a character upon redemption and cannot be transferred between characters or sold on the in-game market.
While an Expert System is applied, you will still be able to gain Skill Points and train new skills (and of course train the same skills you have active in an Expert System).

Once an Expert System expires, access to the temporary skills and levels provided will be removed and you would need to either extend your access through a repeat Expert System purchase or train the skills themselves.

Expert Systems, in their current form, are obtainable only from the EVE Store and others will occasionally be part of daily login rewards.

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