Frigate Escape Bay is coming! | EVE Online

Frigate Escape Bay is coming!

2020-02-20 - Por CCP Dopamine

Tenacious Capsuleers,

It’s time to let you in on a new feature that will be arriving in late March as part of the Fight or Flight Quadrant, the Frigate Escape Bay.

The Frigate Escape Bay is a special bay capable of holding a single, fitted Frigate that will be added to all Battleships. Should the Battleship be destroyed, instead of being ejected in your capsule and left helpless, you will launch immediately back into combat aboard your Frigate!

The Frigate hulls that will be allowed to be stored in the bay are:

  • All T1 Frigates
  • Assault Frigates
  • Electronic Attack Frigates
  • Logistics Frigates

This change will shake up the Battleship meta of EVE Online and open up new and exciting tactical options for crafty players to use! It can also give Capsuleers a chance to stay in the fight longer... unless you opt to use your nimble ship to escape from the battlefield and leave your fleetmates to their fate!

Fight or Flight - the choice is yours.

What is even more exciting is the fact that the Frigate Escape Bay will be available for testing on Singularity next Monday! Go ahead, try them out and share your thoughts in the official forum thread.