Gate to Stain Under Construction | EVE Online

Gate to Stain Under Construction

2021-04-01 - Por CCP Aurora

Stain-based Capsuleers,

As part of our next Quadrant release, you can expect to see a new route opening up in the southern regions of New Eden bringing a long-awaited Lowsec gate to Stain. This newly-built stargate will offer Capsuleers expedient access into and out of this NPC Nullsec region, making it much more favorable as a place to live or stage from.

Unfortunately, CONCORD could not be contacted to issue a statement on the potential of a new gate to Stain being built. Instead, here are some comments on the topic by valued Capsuleers around the cluster:

  • Have you heard that Lowsec is missing a gate to Stain
  • How about enriching Lowsec and giving it direct gate connection to Stain?
  • Wait- what do you mean we cannot jump to Stain?
  • Stain is the best region in the game
  • Lowsec gate to Stain will not build itself

Unfortunately, the gate to Stain would have been built sooner, but construction efforts were held up for some time after an Orca attempted to use the gate early and became lodged sideways in the jump tunnel.