GM Week Returns! | EVE Online

GM Week Returns!

2022-08-31 - Por EVE Online Team

Supportive Capsuleers,

It’s that time of year once again: get ready for another action-packed GM week, running from 5-9 September! Festivities include in-game events, contests, streams, prizes, and more; there’s something for every Capsuleer to enjoy, so jump in, meet the GMs who maintain the world of EVE and join the celebrations!


Whack-a-Bot – 5 September at 16:30 UTC

The always-popular Whack-a-Bot event, taking place in Yulai, lines up an array of ships and pilots identified as using CONCORD-prohibited automatic piloting technology in progressing size – teleporting them to a battlefield of hungry Capsuleers, rearing and ready to tear them apart! This event will also be streamed on the official CCP Twitch, so even if you can’t make it to Yulai, you’ll be free to sit back and enjoy the carnage!

GM Fleet with BjornBee – 8 September at 17:00 UTC

Watch out for a roaming fleet of GMs and ISDs, FC’d by the one and only BjornBee! Each fleet member will be carrying a variety of goodies, so enjoy fun fights and try to claim rewards from their wrecks – or if you can’t join in person, hop onto the stream and watch live!


Share your best EVE videos, whether they’re funny, cool, or just plain entertaining, for a chance at fun prizes! There will be two separate contests – one for videos 30 seconds or shorter and one for videos 1-3 minutes in length, and submissions will take place in dedicated threads on the EVE Forums.


Each of these will be running for the entire duration of the GM week celebrations, so no matter where or when you play, there’s certain to be something fun for you to take part in!

Scavenger Hunt

Keep your eyes peeled and seek out jetcans dropped all over New Eden, filled with all sorts of goodies! Hints to their locations will be dropped both onstream and through in-game channels.

Armed Piñata Hunt

Similar to the scavenger hunt, but a bit more energized: follow hints and locate GMs hiding all over New Eden aboard ships full of loot! You’ll need to destroy their ship in order to claim your prize (unless you ask nicely, maybe?), but be prepared – as they'll be shooting back as well!

Orbital Stash

Seek out easily-located containers across the cluster, named with an EVE-related riddle and accessible only by inputting the correct answer as a passcode! All answers will be in lower-case to avoid confusion.

Magic School Bus

Taking a cue from beloved ex-CSM member Mike Azariah, GMs will be traveling to each career agent system to hand out fully fitted tech 1 frigates to new players in need!

In-Game Activity

GMs will be actively present throughout the week throughout various help channels, as well as in person aboard impressive & aspirational ships across various starter, career agent, and Sisters of EVE Epic Arc systems, engaging with players and answering questions in chat – marked by their signature red text!

You may also encounter them in the Proving Grounds, fighting on even ground, and might see some surprise appearances in various EVE streamers’ locations as well as in their stream chats!

We can’t wait to share another bombastic and action-packed GM week with you all – See you in space!