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Hunter’s Boon

2021-07-05 - Por EVE Online Team

Outspoken Capsuleers,

You’ve been as diligent as ever with providing feedback to EVE Online’s development team, and as a result there are several feature changes and updates in the pipeline, following up on previous updates such as Enter the Portal. The upcoming changes are as follows:

  • Mobile covert cyno beacons
  • Buffs to the Pacifier and Enforcer
  • Bonuses to reduce nullifier penalties for Interceptors
  • Hardened cloak booster extension
  • Tech 3 cruiser skill loss removal

Thanks to your fantastic feedback, all this (and more) will be coming to EVE Online in the very near future. Please log on to the Singularity test server to test the new features and changes, and continue to provide great feedback via the EVE Online forums and bug reporting!

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