Improvements and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

Improvements and Bug Fixes

2013-03-21 - Por CCP CAPSLOCK

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • The ingame log has been improved. The issue with it causing lag should also be fixed
  • Fixed the tooltips which weren't loading up correctly.
  • Buddies on/offline status bars updates correctly
  • Implants are removed on death
  • fixed a bug which resulted in loss of journal functionality after Alt-Enter
  • Fixed the cargo container code which did not cater for floating point error in its checks to ensure what was being added could fit. This meant that sometimes an error would be given when trying to fit just the right amount to fill the remaining space.
  • Drone repairs should not be forgotten anymore. There should be no more need to repackage the drones to get the repairs to work around this bug.
  • Fixed agent doesnt accept my Yes to do the mission
  • The agent missions which give out implants are a bit less frequent now, and they are distributed to different factions instead of all being dished out by the same agent.
  • A level 3 mission which has super conductors as a loot drop is in the game (for agents of the same faction which needs them for their implant mission)

In Space

  • Gang Window Updates
  • Alt-F6 now activates 6th Medslot as it should
  • High / Med slots do not get stuck
  • damage state is updated correctly
  • autopilot does not disable itself any more
  • Fixed the drone UI to properly give a command to all of the selected drones, and not give up when it received an error message.
  • Before damage state of a object that was targeted would only be sent to the targeter when combat damage was done to it. Now all damage changes should be sent including those from module activation.

Ships and Modules

  • Raven now gives speed bonus to siege launchers
  • A-3 and M-12 Launcher Capacity fixed again


  • station for market orders are shown correctly
  • wallet updates on market transactions again
  • fixed exception scrolling market group-list


  • Assets display correctly in map
  • Waypoints can now be viewed and rearranged via World Map Control Panel.
  • Brute force travelling salesman function added to waypoints manager, works well for 8 or less waypoints. -Players can now optimize their waypoints to minimize the number of jumps made traversing through all the waypoints.