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Interstellar Correspondents Begins ATX Coverage

2012-06-30 - Por CCP Phantom
by ISD Magnus Balteus

The galaxy-famous full spectrum Interstellar Correspondents’ Tenth Alliance Tournament coverage site officially goes live this weekend!

IC's AT X Coverage

Sixty four teams face off today as the first round of qualifying begins. Teams will have a tough go of it as they try to field a combination for qualifying that will give them a win without showing the universe the tactics and formations they plan on using deeper into the tournament

Rounding out the "Empire Collection" of prize ships are the Caldari State's contributions this year; the Etana and the Cambion. The Etana is a modified Osprey cruiser boasting the ability to equip a covert ops cloak and includes some nice bonuses to skilled pilots. The Cambion is based off the Merlin frigate and is billed as a "fiery rocket brawler with mad overheating bonuses."

As always, Interstellar Correspondents will be there to provide you with written match reports and tasty statistics.

Our coverage continues to evolve and this year we are excited to provide our quick and accurate statistics to the EVE TV live stream.

Our on-scene reporters will be working feverishly to provide written combat reports of each match. We really want to hear what you tournament participants have to say, so stick around a bit and have your say "on the record!"

Come take a look at our beautiful, information rich site and get ready for the kick off this afternoon with Agony Empire facing Exiled Ones at 15:00 New Eden time!

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