Join the Proving Grounds frigate frenzy! | EVE Online

Join the Proving Grounds frigate frenzy!

2022-08-30 - Por EVE Online Team

Calling all pilots!

In celebration of this fine Union Day, a very special 2v2 frigate frenzy is coming to the Abyssal Proving Grounds. This event will run from 2-5 September and will allow use of the following ships: Merlin, Kestrel, and Condor.

Getting into the spirit of the festivities, these dramatic duels will feature team-based frigate combat, and the gauntlet is thrown to Caldari frigate enthusiasts of all abilities, bringing together grizzled veterans and young hot shots.

What would a Union Day celebration be without a universally accessible event? In a bid to entice budding new Capsuleers, module choices for the event are limited to Meta 0 base modules only.

This special frigate frenzy is a true test of skill, meaning that you will be required to battle without the aid of the following: weapon disruptors, sensor dampeners, shield rechargers, shield power relays, shield flux coils, shield boost amplifiers, and core defence field purgers.

In order to make these team-based battles a true test of skill, ships fitted with modules or rigs that provide bonuses to single specific damage resistances will not be permitted. For example: EM armor hardener modules and medium kinetic shield reinforcer rigs are NOT allowed because they provide bonuses to a single specific resistance type. However, multispectrum energized membrane and Damage Control modules ARE allowed because they provide bonuses to multiple resistance types.

In the interest of sportsmanship, ships entering this Proving Ground may have a maximum of one local repair module fitted (shield or armor).

The following arena effects are in place for the event:
+25% Hybrid turret damage and optimal range
+10% Kinetic missile damage

Prepare your fittings as well as your Proving Ground filaments, available in Abyssal Deadspace or on the in-game market, and brace yourself for team-based combat as you strive for glory - making your mark on the leaderboard and earning special rewards!