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Karttoon Claims GoonSwarm Dissolution Was Euthanasia

2010-02-15 - Por Svarthol

31-MLU, Syndicate - The now-former-leader of GoonSwarm, Karttoon, has sent a final message to his ex-alliance in which he claims that his action in dissolving the organization was "euthanasia."

The message, which cannot be reprinted here in full due to CONCORD regulations on the publication of obscentities, revealed that Karttoon had been considering sabotaging GoonSwarm for a month before his final action. At that time, he had placed agents close to GoonSwarm caches of war material and taken a stock of logistics ships worth, he said "tens of billions" from the outpost in NOL-M9 to low security space (Outpost owners could prevent a thief docking at their station and thus prevent him selling goods to anyone but them, whereas in low-sec, ships can be sold for a higher price and to a larger market.)

Karttoon had prepared a draft announcement in which he explained his motives: the belief that GoonSwarm had lost something through the membership expansion it undertook in order to become a spaceholding power, losing the interest of the old-guard members of GoonSwarm and taking in members he claims were only in the alliance for "easy ISK, protection, and [combat] that we mostly pay for."

In this original plan, Kartoon would go on to reset all of GoonSwarm's standings, then eject all the corporations from the alliance. Additionally, he would have "set GoonFleet into self-destruct mode," leaving himself at the helm with taxes set at 100% and major roles stripped from all the members. Limited sums of isk in the corporate wallet would slowly run too low to pay for sovereignty and jump bridges would exhaust their fuel. GoonFleet members would basically have no choice but to leave and lose the corporation name forever.

Karttoon's original plan, he said, was cut off by the news that IT, Against ALL Authorities and Systematic Chaos were planning to invade; he stated that he relished the thought of the hardship these long-time enemies would endure launching timed attacks against GoonSwarm's towers and claim units, so decided to wait before bringing down his own alliance.

As previously reported, karttoon went away on vacation and found that the sovereignty portion of his plan had already taken place through the coincidence (he claims, with little dispute from his former alliance mates) of himself and his two directors being simultaneously absent.

The former leader of GoonSwarm decided to push ahead with his plan. He ejected all corporations from GoonSwarm barring The Goony Hand Social Club (the banking corp) and Tolons Sister [expletive deleted], their supercaptial corporation, both of which karttoon could control through loyal agents at the top of the command chain.

He then moved GoonFleet into an alliance he had previously created, named "Band of Brothers." Darius JOHNSON originally claimed the name for a GoonSwarm corporation after the original Band of Brothers [BOB] alliance was unregistered through the actions of Haargoth Agamar, a BOB director who defected to GoonSwarm, but eventually the corporation was disbanded and an alliance made over which karttoon took control. Funds were placed in the executor corp wallet that were sufficient to keep the bills paid for several years - with karttoon still at the helm of the corporation, its members can do nothing to eject themselves, so will remain trapped there barring some drastic change in CONCORD legislation or a change of heart on karttoon's part.

Early rumours that karttoon destroyed the GoonFleet dreadnought cache for insurance, however, are something he amusedly denies. "I've been told the dreads that self destructed were from a Goonswarm producer, and was funny as hell. The cache I hold was not touched. All assets/isk is in my possession, yes. I was the only one with access to the majority of them in the first place."

A New Alliance

In the meantime, karttoon's predecessor Darius JOHNSON has taken up leadership of those former GoonSwarm members who want to reunite as an alliance. On 05.02.112, the alliance SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO [LODRA] was created by Lena Russeu and began admitting the former GoonSwarm corporations. (Solo Drakban is the Goons' technical lead, supporting their network and developing applications for them.) Active members of GoonFleet have begun to migrate into GoonWaffe, JOHNSON's new corporation.

JOHNSON has stated that GoonSwarm will no longer be seeking to function as a space-holding alliance, but will be pursuing goals of mischief and destruction from their new home-base in Syndicate. "There is joy in the killing," he stated, "there is not joy in the building."

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