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Navy Report released on May Massacre: Guardian Shadows Resist Arrest

2007-06-14 - Por Svarthol

NEW CALDARI: The Caldari Navy has released a report on the incident at New Caldari on the 12th of May, 109 and the status of the ongoing investigation. The main culprit in the attack, Weyln Xemal of the Guardian Shadows Corporation, has gone into hiding after his wingmen were killed resisting arrest.

Commander Kusgarl of the Caldari Navy issued the report detailing this turn of events. It opens with a section dealing with the events in new Caldari that officially confirms the details of the massacre. Pilots of the Guardian Shadows assisted by CAIN attacked a freighter they believed to intend harm against the Caldari State. In the attack, the Guardian Shadows destroyed the freighter so completely that the Caldari Navy was unable to recover enough wreckage remains to identify the passengers or what they may have been carrying on their persons, their reasons for doing so remain unknown.

When the Caldari investigation attempted to question Weyln Xemal during their investigation, Weyln and his wing-mates attempted to evade capture. Caldari Marines were detailed to arrest the members of Guardian Shadows due to this refusal to answer the navy’s questions. When confronted with arrest, Weyln’s wing-mates resisted with deadly force and were subsequently killed in a brief firefight with the heavily armed marines. Weyln’s whereabouts are still unknown. Commander Kusgarl stated that the affair was “an unfortunate setback in our investigation” and that he “hopes still that the leader of this attack will turn himself over to the State for questioning.”

He then declared that the act of destroying the frieghter was one that must be accounted for and that more charges may be forthcoming. Commander Kusgarl trusts that anyone questioned “will be more cooperative than the Guardian Shadows have been.”