New Vanguard playtest coming soon | EVE Online

New Vanguard playtest coming soon

2024-02-15 - Por EVE Vanguard Team

Attention Vanguard, 

The battlefield is calling once more, and your service is required. Preparations for the First Strike February Playtest have begun, and seven days from now legions of Vanguard will go boots-on-the-ground for the third time, doing the Deathless’ bidding, earning amazing rewards, and contributing to corruption in New Eden. The playtest will run from 22-26 February and is open to all Omega players. 


On 22 February, the doors to the battlefield will open for the next First Strike Playtest, and Omega warclones will once again take up arms and fight for glory and chaos. In addition to proving your loyalty to the Deathless by completing contracts and impacting the level of corruption in New Eden, you will have the opportunity to earn fantastic rewards by proving your mettle on the frontlines. These rewards include the Atron and Talwar Arkombine Arisen SKINs, as well as PLEX. 

 As in the previous playtests, you will need Omega to get Founders’ Access to EVE Vanguard. The EVE and New Eden Stores are offering a Warclone Omega Bundle, giving you 14 days Omega access, along with the Astero Arkombine Arisen SKIN for a limited time. Make sure you upgrade to Omega so you don’t miss out. 

Make sure you are ready to go on 22 February, and we will see you planetside.

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