Quality of Life Updates | EVE Online

Quality of Life Updates

2021-03-17 - Por CCP Aurora

Quality Capsuleers,

The March release for EVE Online will bring with a number of changes that aim to improve Capsuleer quality of life in New Eden!

As of 23 March, you will be able to install multiple Jump Clones in the same station or structure, as long as it has a Clone Bay facility. This is something that many in the community have been asking for!

Additionally, fitting a Burst Jammer module will disable interdiction nullification, making it less oppressive when fit to nullified Interceptors.

Following on from last year’s From Wormholes With Love update, there will be changes to the jump caps of certain classes of wormhole. The mass allowed to jump through Class 1 through Class 6 wormholes has been increased to allow more flexibility for wormhole travel and control.

Additional details on the wormhole mass change:

Note that this is just the single-transfer mass limit, not the total mass of the hole, with the goal of making rolling a bit easier. High class holes are being given additional restrictions to continue to bar super capitals from moving through them and the increase is not enough to allow capitals access to lower class holes such as C4s.

In an update to the Target Spectrum Breaker module, it will be reworked to reduce a ship’s signature radius for a short duration and will still be locked to Battleships on release.

Be sure to check out the changes on the Singularity test server!