Quantum Cores - Now Live | EVE Online

Quantum Cores - Now Live

2020-09-08 - Por CCP Dopamine

Committed Capsuleers,

The first phase of the new Quantum Cores series of updates is now live in EVE Online! In this big update to structure gameplay in New Eden, Quantum Cores are newly introduced items that are necessary in the deployment phase of structures. This follows on from the recent string of updates to structure gameplay in EVE, such as Kicking Over Castles and Forsaken Fortress.

The Quantum Core is installed into the most central and heavily protected location within the structure, the Core Room. As a result, they will always survive the ultimate destruction of the structure, and they will drop 100% of the time from a structure's explosion.

By focusing on the consequences of player actions and increasing the significance of placing or destroying structures, structure spam will be reduced and the incentive for attacking them will also be increased, as will the likelihood of both sides turning up for a fight!

There will be three distinct phases to this update, and more information will be released on the subsequent phases closer to their release, so keep an eye out for that! Be sure to read the dev blog for full details on the Quantum Cores updates.