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SCC Rules on Patent Dispute, Boundless Creation Releases Schematics

2004-01-31 - Por Svarthol

An SCC ruling on disputed patent claims for hull modification technology opens the door for the licensing and manufacture of devices based on the controversial research. Boundless Creations, one of the companies involved in the settlement, wasted no time today in releasing a schematic for the production of a device utilizing the research breakthroughs. Due to SCC regulations regarding arbitration of patent claims disputes, the identities of the other corporations or individuals involved in the settlement remain secret, but it is only a matter of time before more licensed schematics appear.

In a statement from their headquarters at Hagilur IV Moon 3, Chief Researcher Bogekur Alpur announced the release of the schematic and praised the efforts of the Boundless Creation employee who made it possible, as well as giving credit to the licensee of the first schematic based on this research. "Through the joint efforts of our own Adrald Evalfolf and Korinn Feald of X-Factor Industries, the general public will now be able to enjoy the benefits of our research into the field of starship modification."

Boundless Creation (ticker: BC), a relatively diminutive new Minmatar manufacturing corporation, has specialized in research facilities, building several in the Metropolis region of Minmatar space, including the Boundless Creation Factory at Hek VIII Moon 12 where this schematic was released. Investment in the fledgling company by the Krusual and Brutor tribes, as well as by the majority-Krusual owned Freedom Extension (ticker: FE), has apparently paid off.

The technology will allow starship pilots to gain interior ship space at the expense of overall speed and some structural integrity. These modifications, bearing the SCC-approved designation "Expanded Cargohold I," require only limited training to install, and allow for significant increases in cargo carrying capacity.

Due to the long-standing dispute over intellectual property rights, this technology has never been officially approved for licensing and manufacture application, but an earlier version of the schematics were apparently stolen by criminal organizations believed to be operating in the Lonetrek region. These criminals subsequently manufactured small quantities of the Expanded Cargohold I modifications, which later found their way to market in small quantities. Though not officially acknowledging the existing "grey market trade" in so-called "pirate mods," Bogekur Alpur did say, "previous versions of these schematics have significant flaws in the production process algorithms, resulting in considerable component wastage during construction." He went on to say, "Modification modules produced by these officially approved schematics take advantage of much more refined and elegant manufacture processes, and should therefore be much more economical."

The SCC, as is their custom, declined to comment on the successful arbitration of the issue, and as yet no other corporation has released schematics based on this technology. However, now that the SCC decision has legalized "trade and manufacture of the technology and subsequent devices based upon same," as the official arbitration notice states, it is certain that additional licensing of this technology is only days away