Tactical Destroyer Derby in the Proving Grounds | EVE Online

Tactical Destroyer Derby in the Proving Grounds

2021-11-07 - Por EVE Online Team

Fearless Capsuleers,

A new Proving Grounds event arrives in EVE this Sunday 7 November, offering 1v1 duellists the chance to fight for glory, as well as bonus ISK rewards!

This is another chance to celebrate Alliance Tournament XVII in the Proving Grounds, and is themed this time around intense Tactical Destroyer combat.

The event will begin at 11:00 UTC on 7 November, and will run until 11:00 UTC on 8 November.

The following rule-set applies in this latest clash:

  • Ships are restricted to the Confessor, Jackdaw, Hecate, and Svipul
  • Modules are restricted to Meta 5
  • Shield Regen modules are banned
  • Arena effect: +100% bonus to the benefits of module overheating, excluding Electronic Warfare (EWAR)
  • Increased ISK rewards

Ready for a very personal challenge? Fit your best Tactical Cruisers, and don’t forget to stock up on entry filaments from Pochven NPC wrecks, Abyssal bioadaptive caches, or from the in-game market.

While the Alliances fight their own battles, don’t miss this chance to grab your own slice of leaderboard glory, and bank some bonus ISK to boot!