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The Third EVE Novel - EVE: Templar One

2011-12-23 - Por CCP Manifest

From the mighty pen of Tony Gonzales…

Dear Friends,

It is my great honor to present the latest addition to the EVE universe: EVE: Templar One, available in bookstores near you this January 3rd. This novel unveils the backstory to DUST 514, a tale about the first immortal soldiers of New Eden. It is also a sequel to EVE: The Empyrean Age. But don’t worry: If you haven’t had the chance to read that novel, you’ll still enjoy Templar One. For those who have, you'll see some familiar faces return in a much more human, personal story.

At its heart, Templar One about ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. You’ll read about the rise of the first soldier who can die a thousand deaths on a battlefield, and the great lengths that individuals and factions will go to acquire this dark technology for themselves. There are some EVE prime fiction reveals as well, for those steeped in the rich lore of New Eden. You’ll learn more about the Sleepers, the Jove, and many of the mysteries that were born in the Empyrean Age.

The first immortal soldiers are by no means perfect. They’re prototypes, not the refined fighting machines you’ll become in DUST 514. Their flaws are what give them their souls, as they reflect back upon who they were versus what they’ve become. Their weapons and tactics are still very much rooted in what qualifies as “conventional warfare” for the era. They’ll need the support of orbital bombardments, surface-to-space anti-ship weapons, and armed dropships to fight their way in and out of their objectives.

You’ll also learn that this breed of immortals is very different from yours as capsuleers. Suffice to say that Templar One will provide the contrasting perspectives of killing from very far away, versus kicking in doors and clearing rooms with a vowrtech (you’ll find out what that is, don’t worry).

When the final page is turned, I suspect you’ll be eager to learn what happens next.

Bringing EVE to life through storytelling and world building has been one of my greatest joys. For the past six years, I’ve devoted myself to building this IP through the sheer power of her setting—hands down the most underutilized force in EVE. I walked the floors of conventions dreaming of the day when we might have a 30 foot tall poster of Tibus Heth or Empress Jamyl to compete with the larger-than-life icons of other IP’s like the Master Chief and Commander Sheppard. EVE’s story is so deep and offers so much to science fiction fans that it has every potential to reach those heights. It could take years, decades, or longer. But the fact remains that it’s possible. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that’s kept me inspired since 2003.

EVE: Templar One is a labor of love that began in 2009. For now, itis my last contribution to EVE’s fiction as I was amongst the casualties of the recent difficult times CCP endured. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it. My publishers and dev colleagues are excited for it, and I hope you are too.

Your support over the years has been overwhelming, and I’ll never forget it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.

Fly safe, pilots.

Tony Gonzales

Twitter: @CCP_TonyG (for now)