Uphallant Incident Gives Caldari Military Reform Proposal New Life | EVE Online

Uphallant Incident Gives Caldari Military Reform Proposal New Life

2009-06-08 - Por Svarthol

New Caldari - A military reform proposal submitted by the Caldari Providence Directorate in April appears to be getting new life as a result of Internal Security's attack on a civilian convoy in Uphallant last week. Nugoeihuvi had previously led opposition to the proposal, but the actions of their security arm have reportedly made CBD and Sukuuvestaa uncomfortable with supporting their longtime ally in this matter.

Meanwhile, sources close to the Ishukone board are reporting that the patriot bloc is pushing hard for new CEO Mens Reppola to support the proposal. Political observers point to Reppola's strong loyalty toward the Navy as a reason for patriot hopes in this matter, despite the fact that he has raised strong objections to Provist policies over the last several months.

However, not all pundits think Reppola's support is a sure thing. "Reppola still owes Modern Finances, a Nugoeihuvi subsidiary, for their part in his stock buyout," said Nukanata Jaasaken, a political consultant with the Mercantile Club. "He's also the former CEO of a megacorporate security firm, and as such knows the necessity of making sure corporate security is loyal to the corporation first and foremost. There's no guarantee he will back the Navy over the interests of Ishukone, and if he does, there may be repercussions for him personally, both from inside and outside the company."