War is the engine that drives the universe | EVE Online

War is the engine that drives the universe

2010-11-12 - Por CCP Dr.EyjoG

In this latest volume of the QEN (Q3 2010) there are some really interesting numbers on war and how conflict in EVE is the catalyst for production.  It includes number on ships destroyed, even down to the number of Titans that meet their purpose in a glorious explosion.  And war calls for more ships, more items.  Hence this QEN also includes number of production in the supercapital category in Q3 of 2010.  Of course we also have the standard material on population of EVE, price levels and general demographics.

In the past we have received questions and comments about using snapshots when looking at usage of ships and distribution of the population.  Overall we are confident that snapshots give an accurate indication on the EVE population, simply due to the fact that we have a universe with more than 300,000 users.  This means that all changes happen very slowly - but collecting several snapshots over time will give us the general trend.  More detailed analysis does though require more accurate data and that we do use when appropriate, both internally as well as when looking at data for general consumption.

I want to thank the entire QEN team for their hard work and look forward to the discussions and debate about the content - we are certain that some of the information will be quite controversial amongst the hardcore PvPers of EVE Online.

Enjoy and fly safe, but not too safe!

Dr. EyjoG