Zenith - Quadrant 3 begins today! | EVE Online

Zenith - Quadrant 3 begins today!

2020-07-14 - Por CCP Dopamine

EVE Online's Quadrant 3 is called "Zenith", and its arrival sees the seismic reshaping of New Eden come to pass! The final chapter of the invasion story arc will come to an end as the Triglavians' plans approach their climactic conclusion, and Capsuleers will have a huge part to play in the star-spanning consequences of that reshaping.

The Eclipse Quadrant was an incredible journey through events, celebrations, login campaigns, huge visual updates and balance changes, as well as the introduction of new and exciting ships, culminating in the final chapter of the Invasion expansion.

The Zenith Quadrant will now ramp it all up and kick off with a big update to the Abyssal Proving Grounds feature, and the introduction of new Proving Filaments to New Eden. The Proving Filaments will take Capsuleers from any point in space, directly to an Abyssal Proving Ground inside Abyssal Deadspace where they will engage in PvP combat! Different combat formats, specific ship classes, new leaderboards and new Triglavian-themed settings will all ensure an explosive start to the Quadrant!

Keep your eyes peeled for even more news on what's coming during the Zenith Quadrant over the following weeks, including visual updates, meta changes, login campaigns, events and more!

Fly safe!